NORDIC 6020 C – Båtpakke

Varenr. NORDIC6020 C båtpakke

From kr 100 981

Family favorite and cabin boat with steering console

Finn forhandler


Terhi Nordic 6020 C is a versatile equipped country house boat, suitable for family and fishing trips. The steering console’s window pane screens against wind and sea spray, while robust handrails increase safety and make it more comfortable to go on board and ashore from the boat.

This is one of the reasons why many older people and families with young children are so fond of this boat.

The boat is very popular, and a more practical and user-friendly boat you should look for a long time!

You can get this model both with and without a control console. On the Terhi 6020 C, the engine is operated using a remote control.

Terhi Nordic 6020 is the perfect boat for all families who want an unobstructed boat that can be used for absolutely everything: cuddles, water sports, swimming, fishing, transport and shipping.

Recommended engine: 20-30 hp.









2,5 HK, 20 HK, 25 HK, 30 HK

  • Utrolig fin fiske- og hyttebåt
  • Høyt fribord
  • Meget stabil
  • Stor lasteevne
  • Mye båt for pengene
  • Selvlensende fiskebrønn
  • Romslig og åpen
  • Flere låsbare stuerom
  • Plass til det meste
  • Drenering av regnvann

NORDIC 6020 c

Familiefavoritt og hyttebåt med styrekonsoll


Gjennomført kvalitet, moderne design og lang holdbarhet fra Finland